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Why buy from us

In an increasingly crowded marketplace where a new “supercar dealer” is popping up every other month, it’s more important than ever to have trust and confidence in the dealership you’re buying from.

Unfortunately with big sums of money changing hands it is an attractive industry for scam artists and fraudsters, not to mention the many “dealerships” who are in it to make a quick buck with little or no care for their customers or the cars they are selling.

Why Choose Marque?

  1. Marque Motors have been established as one of the Kenya’s leading dealerships for many years. Officially founded in 2012, our business is financially stronger than it’s ever been and rest assured we are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

  1. All the cars we advertise are physically at our showrooms and ready to be bought and shipped or driven away the same day. Viewing is best arranged with an appointment but customers are welcome to turn up to browse our forecourt stock 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  1. We only sell the very best cars. When it comes to sourcing our stock we are incredibly picky about what we buy. We only look to buy cars that have something special about them with a preference towards low mileage, limited production or high specification vehicles.

  1. We are a professional run business and our staff pride themselves on offering a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a personal service to suit our client’s needs. We don’t have manufacturers telling us what we can and can’t do so we can operate in such a way that puts the customer first.

  1. To be successful in this industry you have to rely on repeat business and our aim is always to build long lasting relationships with our clients that are mutually beneficial. We don’t just want to sell one car, we want to sell you your next 5+ cars and buy each one back too so it’s very important for us that not only do you have an enjoyable ownership experience but that your treated with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

  1. We place a very strong emphasis on the preparation of our vehicles. Each car is rigorously checked for any signs of accident or abuse before we agree to buy it. We have extremely high standards and will often spend a great amount of time and money on reconditioning to ensure that our full-range of stock is mechanically sound and superbly presented.

  1. We have great relationships with all the leading finance houses and with such a large volume of high value sales we do tend to get preferential rates and terms for our customers. A lot of our customers like to change cars regularly so it’s very important for us that you’re always in a position to change your car without large penalties or finding yourself in negative equity which is very common with a lot of finance deals out there.

  1. We are a sales only business, all our servicing and rectification work is carried out at main franchised dealers and fully authorized repairers to ensure that each car meets the manufacturer’s requirements.

  1. We strive to be competitively priced. We have limited space where we are located so we are only interested in stocking cars that we are confident will sell and avoid taking ‘SOR’ cars at unrealistic prices just to boost our profile. We analyze the market day-to-day and ensure that the asking price of each car is reflective of its rarity, specification, mileage and condition.

  1. We are very successful at what we do and are one of the most successful single site dealerships in the Kenya. We are one of Kenya’s fastest growing and most inspiring companies. We have a balance sheet and a net worth that shows Marque is a very financially sound company with an unrivaled reputation to buy or sell with full peace of mind.